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Memory & Funny Sounds for Kids

Memory & Funny Sounds for Kids is a windows phone 7 app that can be found at the marketplace.

Detailed description
You get 2 funny and educational games for kids with funny sounds!

A fun and educational memory game for children with matching sounds. The memory game contains 8 different themes. All the sounds are also available in a soundboard!

Downloading the trial version gives you the abbility to play 2 games (farmanimals and transportation). All themes have pictures accompanied with the matching funny sounds as soon as the cards paired. Opening a game will show all pictures, remember as much positions as possible. After approximately 4 seconds the game begins and the pictures will be faced down. Let the memory fun begin! How many positions do you remember and can you match the other pairs? Have fun!! Grown ups, do not be shy and share the fun! With the soundboard you can play all the animals from the games, if you wish (all) at the same time.

The full version contains 6 additional games with wild animals, sport activities, music instruments, home wares, nature and animals also accompanied with matching sounds as soon as the cards are paired.

At the marketplace there is also a free version availabale.

WP7 Memory and Funny Sounds for Kids WP7 Memory and Funny Sounds for Kids
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