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Voice Memo Recorder

Voice Memo recorder is a windows phone 7 app that can be found at the marketplace.

Detailed description
Easy to use voice memo recorder. In the mainscreen just press record and pause, resume or stop the record. After recording you can name, save and directly play the record. All the records will be displayed in an overall recordlist. In the recordlist you can delete and play the records. While playing a record, a slider can help you quick forward or backward.

You also can upload to SkyDrive (Use WIFI for large files.).

When you navigate away or get called while recording, the record will be paused. You can resume by navigating back on your Windows Phone.

While playing or recording the app will prevent screen locking.

Try it now for free! In the trial version you can make two records with a maximum of one minute each.

WP7 Voice Memo Recorder WP7 Voice Memo Recorder
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